The A/C Works!

The A/C in my car works.

May not seem like a blog-worthy blessing to you, but ‘tis to me.  See, it’s been crazy-hot all summer, over 100 degrees most days.   My little Corolla, like most cars, has trouble transforming 100 degree air into 72 degree air in the few seconds it takes to suck the outside in.

That’s why the Great Auto Makers of the World put “MAX” buttons in the cars.  You push the “MAX” button and the outside air stops coming in.  The air that your car just cooled from 100 degrees down to 90 degrees is then recirculated and recooled and makes it down to 80 degrees, and the process continues until you are freezing inside your car and have to roll the windows down to warm up.  Great summer-time invention!

Except my MAX button won’t stay on.

I press the button and I hear the fan motion changing.  Cool air is on its way.  I release the button.  The fan motion goes back to hot outside air.  I hold the button, the car cools down.  I release the button, the sweat begins to collect under my bangs.  I hold the button, cool airs fills the car.  I release the button to turn on the radio: Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin’ dirty and gritty.  Hold the button: Cool cat, lookin’ for a kitty.  Release the button: All around, people lookin’ half-dead, walkin’ on the sidewalk hotter than a match-head.  Yuk! Outside temp – 106, inside temp – 102!

After several miles of leaning to the right to achieve button-holding, my spine needs a chiro adjustment.

With the inate mechanical ability of a grapefruit on my side, I think to conquer my MAX button issues by holding the button down with the cap of my water bottle.  Ahhh…My arm is comfortably resting on the console, holding the water bottle with its cap firmly pressing on the MAX button.  I’m getting quite comfy now.  But thirsty.  Remove water bottle from MAX button and take a drink.  Ugh.  Back to sizzling in 10 seconds.  Bottle back in place, temperature dropping, sweat droplets drying, hair frizzing.  No, no.  We’re still good.  Don’t need another sip of water yet.

Oops, time to turn.  Can I reach the turn signal with my left hand and still hold the bottle with my right?

Now, I really do not remember asking God to fix this annoyance for me.  I don’t believe it ever entered my mind.  If it had, I probably would have felt guilty asking for the luxury of a cool car when so many people have no car at all.  But ask or not, one day God just fixed it.  I dropped the water-bottle-button-holder to turn the radio on and the button stayed on!  I smiled and praised God and got cool…in that order.

Later, after turning the engine off and back on again, I realized the button was still on.  In fact, it never went off anymore.  That could become a problem I guess – in October or November.  But the temps did cool down and it was a little chilly in the car – my glasses fogged up when I got out – so I prayed and managed to turn the button off.

The next day was hot again, so I prayed and turned the button on.  It worked!

Now I turn it off and on and off and on and off and on.  Whenever I need it, but always with a prayer.

I have a great little car, but sometimes the three lighted dials that control the heat, A/C and fan speed don’t light up unless you jiggle the dials just right.  I don’t need the lights, but I also don’t need to have an electrical problem develop.  So I was really excited to realize on my way to work today that ever since God fixed my MAX button, the lighted dials seem to be working fine, too.

Since this is the season of double blessings, I want to praise God, doubly.

And that’s my Blessing Blog for today.  Have Blessed-tastic Day!

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