Names of God (OT)

Names of GOD

Years ago I came into possession of a bookmark showing the following list of the names of God from the Old Testament. I have treasured this bookmark ever since because each of these names reveals a characteristic of God to which human hearts call out and respond:

Elohim – Powerful God – Genesis 1:1

Adonai – Lord – Genesis 15:2

El Elyon – God Most High – Genesis 14:19-20

El Shaddai – Almighty God – Genesis 17:1

Yahweh – Israel’s Covenantal God – Exodus 3:14

Jehovah Jirah – The Lord Provides – Genesis 22:14

Jehovah Rophe – The Lord Heals – Exodus 15:26

Jehovah Nissi – The Lord Is My Banner – Exodus 17:15,16

Jehovah Mekadesh – The Lord Who Sanctifies You – Leviticus 20:8

Jehovah Shalom – The Lord is Peace – Judges 6:24

Jehovah Tsidkenu – The Lord Is Our Righteousness – Jeremiah 23:6

Jehovah Rohi – The Lord Is My Shepherd – Psalm 23:1

Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is There – Ezekiel 48:35


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