Yahweh’s Covenant With You

Yahweh is God’s name as used in reference to His covenant with Israel – Exodus 3:14.

A “covenant” is sometimes mistakenly described as a “contract”.  However, contracts are about rights and responsibilities, while covenants are more about promises and commitments.

Ours is a society of contracts, thus covenants are not commonly understood.  Each party in a contract has a responsibility to meet the terms of the contract.  If one party does not comply, the other party has the right to dissolve the contract.  Once dissolved, neither party has a further responsibility to the contract terms.  Contracts work well as business arrangements delineating rights and responsibilities.

Marriage is often wrongly considered a contract where each party has the right to dissolve the marriage if the other party does not meet their responsibility.  However, marriage was divinely given as a covenant, an exchange of promise and commitment. Each party makes a promise to be faithful to the other, and they honor that commitment until death.  If one party breaks their commitment, that infidelity does not end the spouse’s responsibility to be faithful.  (Read the touching story of Hosea and Gomer in the Book of Hosea.)

A covenant is an oath, a promise.

When Yahweh makes a covenant promise, it is eternal and shall surely stand, even when we do not keep our part of the covenant promise.  While our broken vows certainly come with consequences that cannot be escaped, they also come with full pardons of guilt bought by the blood of the Lamb.

Thus each day, each moment with Yahweh is fresh as a spring rain, leaving us completely covered by His Grace and ready to blossom again.




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