Internet’s Ancestor

Pictured is an Underwood 6 typewriter, cir. 1930. This is the sequel to the Underwood 5 launched in 1900 as the “first truly modern typewriter” and undoubtedly an ancestor of our modern day Internet.


I photographed this baby on yesterday’s visit to the Pauls Valley Train Museum, part of the 1905 restored Santa Fe Train Depot in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

This looks exactly like the typewriter my dad had when I was an aspiring journalist of six years old. The year was probably 1957. We lived in a large white two-story house in the midst of a brand new late-50s style subdivision of single-story red brick homes all cut from the same mold. In contrast, our house was majestic, with a wide veranda sweeping the full length of the second floor. In fact, the veranda was probably bigger than most of the surrounding houses.  Because it stuck out like a sore thumb amidst all the new cracker-box homes, we dubbed it The Monstrosity.

It was on that veranda that I sat at the Underwood and punched out amazing feats of literary greatness. From the balcony’s height, it seemed as if I could create any reality I dreamed.

Today, this is still true. Our Father is The Creator and He created us in His image, thus we also are creative beings. The dreams we envision and the words we share have the power to change our lives and the lives of others.

Amidst a cracker-box subdivision of social media where almost every communication is shallow and self-serving, embrace the limitless, empowering view from The Monstrosity. Claim social media as a tool for the Lord, praising Him boldly and often. Someone will notice and believe.

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