Infinitely In Love

While seated on His throne of brilliance and glory, a smile flashes across the face of God. Still only a kernel of an idea, a whisper of a vision, yet already He is infinitely in love with me.

In a fraction of a moment He plans my future, instilling in me talents and gifts I can use to draw close to Him and sing His praises. He desires my company above all else, for already He is infinitely in love with me.

He creates a home for me, hanging constellations and setting the oceans a-rocking. He dreams up the colors of the sunrise to delight me, and fashions fresh hues for each and every sunset. He sketches veins on leaves with chlorophyll and breathes fragrance into velvety flower petals. He even creates puppies to lick my face with joy and devotion, for already he is infinitely devoted to me.

 Breath of Life by Tom Dubois

He sees that I will not always love Him back and that my selfish wandering heart will cause unimaginable sorrow and destruction, but His Love makes a way for me to come back to Him and be washed clean. Even when I rebel, He cannot love me any less for his whole eternal heart is already mine.

He ever walks with me and listens intently as I tell Him of the wonders I discover in the world He made for me. His heart swells with love as I thank Him for every blessing and trust Him in every trial. His voice booms with laughter as He hugs me close and tells me that He is so very infinitely in love with me.

When I am distracted and ignore Him, still He sticks right by my side waiting for me to remember Him. He gently whispers that nothing I have done or ever can do will make Him love me less. Through thick and thin, He passionately assures me that He adores and loves me infinitely.

He tells me that He is infinitely in love with you too, and bids me make certain that you know His love for you is a bazillion times sweeter than honey and a gazillion times deeper than any ocean.

How will you respond to such great love?

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