Our Secret Sins

I know right from wrong. I’ve known the difference since I was a child. Still sometimes I do the wrong thing. I’m not proud of it and I don’t want the whole world to know about it. I am usually better off when my major flaws stay hidden.

Society says that’s normal. My culture says I’m human and I can’t help but do the wrong thing sometimes. Apparently everyone’s like me. Even the Bible says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” (Romans‬ ‭3‬:‭23‬ NIV)

The penalty for my sin, any sin, is death. However, our modern culture rates sin by degrees. Molesting or murdering a little child is considered far more depraved than cheating on your taxes or lying about your age. Yet to God each sin carries the same penalty. Death. And the same solution. Redemption through the blood of pure and sinless Jesus Christ.

Wow! Sin problem solved! End of this blog, LOL. God wins! I love it!


Lest we get too excited, we need to understand that redemption is a gift that must be accepted before it is activated. What does that mean? It means that while complete forgiveness and new life in Christ are abundant and free, if you never actually claim them for yourself, they will not be active and powerful in your life. Even as you hold the unopened gift of salvation in your hands, your sin of lying about your age will continue to have a stranglehold on you. There is no overcoming of sin outside of the redemption and power of Jesus Christ.

To accept redemption you need to admit to God that lying is a sin, and then accept the free gift of salvation to erase lying from your life. Yay! Immediately you are a new creature in Christ! Now continue to resist the sin of lying about your age to stay victorious day after day. One day you will realize it no longer has a stranglehold on you. Pleasing Jesus and glorifying God are more important to you than lying about your age. Sometimes you may stumble, but the grace of God picks you back up and dusts you off.


However, imagine that everyone lies about their age. Not hard to imagine, I know. It IS acceptable in our culture to lie about your age. It’s acceptable and so common that we forget it is a sin. Which makes it okay with our friends. Okay with God, too. Probably. Or not. Is a sin still a sin when everybody does it?

So we lie about our age. We do it all the time and the voice of our conscience telling us it’s wrong gets drowned out. It isn’t so ugly anymore. It comes out of the dark shadows and is acceptable behavior to those around us. Such exhilaration comes from bringing the secret sin out into the open and parading it around town. Now that everyone knows, it really isn’t even a sin anymore. God rewrites His Law and lying is no longer on the list. Whew. What a relief. Now we can openly lie without fear of repercussions.

Did that really just happen? Of course not. We were simply deluded into thinking that lying about our age was no longer a problem.

So what if the sin is homosexual behavior instead of lying? Over time our culture has brought homosexual behavior out of the dark shadows and into the mainstream. By treating homosexual behavior or any other sin as acceptable we think we have lessened its inherent evilness. However, we have not. We have only dishonored the Almighty God of all creation to His Face and brought the righteous judgement of God down upon us, personally and corporately. (See Romans 2:18-32)

What is God’s response to such gross corporate sin? “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” (‭2 Thessalonians‬ ‭2‬:‭11‬ KJV)

Yep. We ignored God for so long and flaunted corporate sin in His Face so repeatedly that we cannot even see we are wrong. We want our sin so much more than we want God that eventually we no longer hear Him knocking on our hearts and calling us to Himself for redemption. Strong delusion. We believe the lie. The father of lies is delighted and we are deceived: It’s okay to lie about your age or cheat on your taxes, to sleep with someone other than your spouse, to hate the neighbor who looks or talks differently. It’s okay to degrade our bodies before their Maker and give in to every depraved sin our flesh can imagine. It’s okay. God knows it’s too hard to overcome sin so He has decided He was wrong all along and now it’s okay. Jesus didn’t really need to die for sin because it’s okay to sin after all. What a relief.

Seriously? That’s what you are going to believe? That’s what you are resting your eternal future upon?

Even YOU know that’s a lie. But you can’t fix it now. The monster has grown too big. Even if you want Jesus to redeem you from all your secret sins, how can you ever face yourself or the world if you acknowledge them? People will call you names. You have friends with sins like lying about their age or homosexual behavior. You can’t offend them. You are not a hater. What if you lose your job or your children disrespect you? That is just too high a cost.

As I write this, the Supreme Court of the United States has redefined marriage. No longer is this ancient institution reserved for one man and one woman. Under the new interpretation of the law, homosexual couples may legally marry in all 50 states, overriding the laws of the individual states and rubbing the sentiments of the majority of Americans into obscurity. The Supreme Court interpretation also allows for more than two people to be in a legal marriage. If it were contested properly it would also allow for children to be in a marriage with one or more adults. Or for a human to marry a donkey or a sheep.

Yes, this is where this road has led, where it was always leading if we were paying attention. Why are we surprised to be standing here at this fork in the road? There were mile markers and billboards all along the way. It’s just that it was unpleasant to acknowledge them. However, here we are and unpleasant is not even close to the suffering ahead. Because while the Supreme Court made a point of saying that persons of faith may continue to follow their faith in the matter of marriage, how far down this road is the declaration that Christians speaking out for traditional marriage are engaging in “hate speech.” If that doesn’t silence you then perhaps public floggings and beheadings will.

You have to make a choice today, before you drink another cup of coffee or watch another reality show on TV. Will you hold your tongue and cower before the principalities and powers of this world? Or will you speak the Word of God to yourself and a world deluded by the lies of the devil? Will you reach out to Christ for your own salvation, and then to a friend who has no idea what eternal danger he or she walks in.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”(‭Joshua‬ ‭24‬:‭15‬ KJV)

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