Valentine of a Lifetime

Most who met the young couple thought of them as second class citizens. The people of the land resented every breath of island air these two travelers inhaled. Yet here they were in Paradise for Valentine’s Day.

If you were there you’d have heard them listening to a soft James Taylor song about sunny skies, while delighting in the sunny skies that did indeed arch over their heads for as far as any eye could see.

If you were there you’d have felt the intensely blue waves crashing around their feet, the warm water teeming with gloriously colored fish and beautiful sea creatures the likes of which they had never seen or imagined.

If you were there you’d have watched the coconuts shed by the palm trees overhead bobbing along the shoreline like plump, round toy boats; you’d have seen the brilliant sun slowly begin to soften in color until it dropped behind the distant mountain peaks.

If you were there you’d have joined the couple as they ran laughing from the long strip of white sand, through the lush untamed seaside foliage, and back to their rented room below an old coffee bean drying frame. Another day in paradise was winding down, an unknown future unwinding before them.

In the dead of night, sharp pains woke the young girl. Far away from family and friends, fear began to trail after her like a dark, heavy cloud. As the pain continued, the cloud grew darker. Nervously, she woke her young man and the couple pressed out into the night, which had turned wet and chilly, as dark as the cloud of fear, and headed for the hospital several miles away.

Whether a few hours or a lifetime passed, who can really say? The pain, the fear, the excitement, the exhaustion, all roiled around together defying the passage of time. Yet time did pass and the moment did come. And what a moment it was, the moment that lifetime began!

It was the moment the tiny little girl pushed herself into the big, big world; the moment she made her first of many grand entrances; the moment she sang her first song; the moment she blinked at her first sight of light; the moment those dollhouse hands first touched another human; the moment those wrinkled two-inch feet met the world they would conquer.

It was just at that moment that the sun broke through the cloudy day. It was just then that Sunny Skye was born and brightened the whole world.

I know this story to be true because I was there. It was a wonderful time to begin her lifetime.


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