Precious Goblets

The vision – oh, such clarity. The revelation – oh, such joy! Driven to capture the wonder for eternity, alas, my soul craves a gift I do not possess and cannot obtain. Lacking the talent to reduce my proverbial thousand words into a picture, please be patient as I spin the essence of this wonder sight with gossamer language.

The moment was ordinary. My day was ending and I listened almost absentmindedly to a recording of James Earl Jones reading the Bible. Suddenly the smooth voice and familiar words took on an intensity that cut through my distractions and splashed my world with a brilliance I was powerless to ignore or define.

We humans are intricately designed goblets with one purpose – to beautifully caress and hold the Glory of Almighty God. The Lord of Lords finds extraordinary satisfaction in filling us with His Presence. We are created to be filled to overflowing with the Love and Eternal Purpose of God. Standing erect or fallen to our knees, arms stretched upward and outward as we seek and accept His Spirit, we are more beautiful to Him than all the golden goblets of Solomon’s Temple.

When we forsake our created purpose, we are still vessels, still filled, but with lurking darkness.

When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation. Matthew‬ ‭12:43-45‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Last night I was getting ready for bed and listening to the book of Matthew. James Earl Jones had my ears but my mind was distracted, divided. Suddenly, after 12 chapters, the words of Christ cut through everything I was doing and a beautiful truth took over my mind. My laughter filled the bedroom as I realized that we were created to be filled. We are vessels serving only one purpose, to hold the Spirit of God. If we refuse to be a holy vessel for God, we shall still be in-dwelt, but by evil spirits.

Of course this is not a new concept. I know this already. Yet this revelation is not about a fear of being in-dwelt by evil spirits. It is about the Glory of God that DOES dwell in me, and in every believer in Christ.

The revelation was followed by an amazing vision. I saw rows of goblets and chalices, golden ones, and pure crystal. A brilliant golden light, creamy and liquid, infused with tiny twinkling stars filled the first goblet. It was overfilled and the rich Spirit fluid splashed all around. More and more goblets were created, springing up from the golden splashes. Row after row, stretching far into the distance, into the future.IMG_9736

This was not a dream I was having. I was very awake. I had stopped the reading by James Earl Jones and was delighting in the revelation and thanking God for its beauty and power. What !Joy! to receive this fresh understanding of the importance of keeping my life filled with Christ lest the evil one gain a stronghold.

Honestly, I struggle with distractions these days and have for some time been battling what I call the “weeds” in my life, all the trivial things I allow to consume my time. My “thing” is writing, and for a number of reasons I have been avoiding it for almost a year. When I am not writing, my thoughts are not as focused and my bible study time suffers. I have been praying more, but without writing my prayers out there is a spiritual link that is missing for me personally. So this message of diligently keeping my life filled with Christ came to me at an important time.

All of these matters were in the back of my mind as I pondered the revelation and the vision. By now, I was beginning to drift in and out of sleep. Every time I awoke I saw anew the vision of the overflowing goblets. After an hour or two the vision changed and I saw that when we humans worship God (standing, kneeling, sitting, even stretched out ready for sleep, any position) when both arms are raised in abandon, reaching to our Father, in these moments we look exactly like beautifully crafted goblets designed to hold the Glory of God. To catch it, gather it, hold it. To display it, to let it overflow, to allow it to sweeten our atmosphere, to anoint those in our proximity who are ready to be vessels for Christ.

I wish I were an artist. I want so much to reproduce the vision on a canvas. I want to share the wonder of an infinite field of row upon row of uniquely shaped and ornamented human goblets so precious in God’s sight. The Glory liquid shimmering and dancing as it fills, overflows, and splashes holiness and joy from goblet to goblet. I want each of us to understand the graceful creatures of worship that God sees in us.

img_0151-1I wish I were a musician able to pen the notes, the murmurs, the hums, the sparkles and bubbles that the Glory liquid sang along the way. I want every school child to recognize it as skipping music, every teenager to dance with the air, grabbing partners as they move through the field of goblets, every senior to use their canes and crutches as percussion for the Glory March.

I wish I were a dancer so I could swirl and spin silk scarves in the air, to weave a trail of rainbows through the field of goblets. I’d create a pretty border filled with gates where more goblets could constantly enter and join the festival of Glory.

I am neither artist, musician, nor dancer. What I AM is a servant, a vessel of God designed to splash a little of my Glory vision upon those who seek the Savior.

What I have written here is for me – to remind me to always be filled with the Glory of God. What I have written is also for anyone who reads this – to encourage you in your Christ-walk and to warn you against complacency. Let not your house become empty or a whole host of evil may set up camp. Instead, regularly open your heart and soul to be filled by the Glory of God like the precious goblet you were created to be.

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