24-hour Extra Tangy Sourdough

24-hour Extra Tangy Sourdough: Smoky Paprika (left side and rear), and Salt ‘n’ Pepper (front and right side)

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been busy baking (and giving away) all kinds of yummy breads, a new batch nearly every day! So busy, in fact, that I haven’t taken the time to blog the recipes for you. Oops!

I’m very happy with my first attempt with this extra tangy sourdough recipe. It took forever to make (24 hours!), but it turned out very tangy and very tasty.

For this first time, I decided to make two large 2-pound boules, about 11″ in diameter. However, two pounds of dough is a lot to work with and I ended up cutting them in half anyway, so in the future I will make four smaller boules, which I can share more easily with others.


  • 17 ounces (about 2 cups) ripe (fed) sourdough starter
  • 24 ounces (about 3 cups) lukewarm water
  • 42 1/2 ounces (about 10 cups) all-purpose white flour, divided
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons salt


The instructions are lengthy, as is the bread process. I will be updating the blog with the directions after I tweak and edit them for you.

For now, I just want to publish (and experiment with) my new editable nutrition facts chart feature. The chart is currently set up for 20 servings, which a “per recipe” amount based on one 2-pound large boule. Since I doubled the recipe to make two large boules, the chart is wrong. In addition, I want my nutrition facts chart to reflect the servings for one smaller boule. I know all that is confusing, but y’all are smart and can handle it! lol. The correct nutrition facts chart is important because I want to use it on the new labels for my breads.

See! Aren’t my bread labels cute?!?

IMG_6142 3
Sample of Current Nutrition Label I created in my iPhone with the standard camera and picture editing features.

However, calculating all that stuff is a pain, and I still didn’t get the % of Daily Value like standard nutrition facts charts have. Apparently that is important, even when you are just GIVING bread away, because notice how large the sodium content looks in the sample label above. Actually, its a very tiny amount and the %DV feature will show that and ease the minds of my bread tasters. Which is desirable since bread is a comfort food and should NEVER cause STRESS!

My Editable Nutrition Facts Chart from VeryWellFit.com

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